Emerging technology leaders master class

Learn the key skills you need to tackle the toughest aspects of managing teams of technical and creative people.

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Technology Leadership is hard.

And leading a group of technical and creative people is even harder.

There is a good chance you were promoted into management because you were a particularly good individual contributor. One day the boss called you into their office and said, “I am putting you in charge of such-and-such.” And boom! You’re a manager.

Quickly you learned that managing humans is very different than coding or designing or planning product and business strategies.

It requires an enormous amount of empathy.

You need extremely solid communication skills.

People's motivations are difficult to decipher.

Organizations have bizarre and mysterious political traps.

It can be pretty confusing and overwhelming. That's why we created this master class for emerging technology leaders like you, starting in January of 2019. This will be a fantastic opportunity to level up your leadership skills with a small cohort of folks just like you.

This is a 10-week program stuctured around weekly online sessions, with four optional in-person gatherings. Reading and other materials will be provided but are not required.

Topics include:

  • Discovering your purpose and orienting yourself as a leader. Goal setting and professional development.
  • Making change in a large organization. How to lead by influence rather than authority.
  • Learning tools for greater focus and deeper impact. Personal focus, mindfulness, and value-based outcomes.
  • Hiring for culture and future fit. Developing hiring models for retention and growth.
  • Creating a growth-mindset culture, and encouraging psychological safety.
  • How to have difficult conversations. Giving and getting feedback.
  • Mentorship, delegation, and succession planning. Coaching and developing future leaders.
  • How to manage up and influence executives. Tools for enabling transparency and communicating clearly and concisely.

If you’re interested in learning more about the class, submit an application. Don’t wait too long. There is a limit on space, and registration closes soon.

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Source Material

No, these are not required. I read them all so that you don't have to. But if you want to skip ahead, here is some reading that will prepare you for the class...


Sam McAfee is an experienced technology and product leader based in Oakland CA, and is the founder of Startup Patterns. He's been working in technology innovation in Silicon Valley since the first “dot­com boom” in 2000. Sam combines strong engineering capability, team and organizational leadership skills, and a keen business acumen with a laser­like focus on core product development principles from leading product development methodologies like Agile and the Lean Startup. He's helped teams at companies like Adobe, Sharethrough, PG&E, SAP, Microsoft, Follett Education, and many more.

He's also a regular speaker at product and technology conferences, and regularly gives public workshops on technology and product topics. Speaking engagements include QCon NY and SF, the Lean Startup Conference, and Lean Kanban North America. He's a frequent speaker for the startup training programs at Product School, Galvanize and InnoWest, and a mentor at Singularity University. His talks are available on Slide Share.

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